5 Best Hammock Tarps to Never Leave Home Without

What’re some of the best hammock tarps? More importantly,  how could buying a sheet of fabric with holes be so complicated?

Today, we’re going to dispel some common myths while showing you 5 great solutions for your different needs.

best hammock tarps

For example, a good hammock tarp will keep you anywhere from 10-15 degrees warmer in cooler weather. However, hammock tarps are not one size fit all. Depending on your outdoor conditions, it’s important to find a hammock tarp that fits your needs.

A good hammock tarp is designed to fix two elements that commonly give hammock campers a big headache:

  1. Weather Conditions
  2. Wind Conditions

You might have the most insulated hammock, best sleeping bags, and outerwear, but if rain, snow, or even mild wind is in the forecast, you’re in for an uncomfortable night.

Dig your stakes in, it’s time to go over the 5 best hammock tarps on the market.

In summary, they are:

  1. Chill Gorilla’s Fortress Hammock Tarp
  2. Bear Butt Lightweight Hammock Tarp
  3. Kelty Noah 16′ Hammock Tarp
  4. UST Hammock Tarp

As a note of advice, some of these tarps are specifically designed for hammocks, while others are multi-use.

Cold Weather Tarps For Year-Round Hammock Camping

Let’s take the temperature down a notch. Why should I invest in a cold weather rated hammock tarp?

In temperatures under 32 degrees, the material on lightweight summer-style hammock tarps starts to wear down. Your summer hammock tarp might seem to work well in the cooler temperature range, however, snow or freezing rain might put you in the danger zone of seal failure.

best hammock tarp

Chil Gorilla’s fortress hammock is a highly renowned cold weather hammock tarp due to its affordability and versatility in cold weather. This tarp has attached doors on each side of the hammock allowing one to lay in a fully sealed tarp. This combined with silicon-nylon quality keeps you warm in the cold.

Hammock Pro-Tip!

When you’re using a hammock tarp with doors, be sure to fill in the sides of the tarp with snow or leaves to further insulate yourself while chilling out in your hammock. This will allow you to keep all wind out, further insulating yourself. Fill in all the gaps you can! You can always create a vent through the door if things get too toasty.

Lightweight Hammock for Simplicity

Lightweight hammocks are the most popular options on the market. If you’re looking for something simple without all the bells and whistles, a lightweight hammock tarp will keep you dry, without weighing you down.

best tarp for hammock

Lightweight hammocks are also multi-use, able to keep you dry from the rain and protected during harsher sun conditions. A lightweight hammock paired with a lightweight hammock tarp can be set up to allow air flow while blocking the harsh UV rays on a hot day. Who said hammock camping in hot weather was impossible?

Hammock tarps like Bear Butt’s Double Tent Rain Fly are the gold standard when it comes to lightweight hammock tarps. Bear Butt’s simple set-up and lightweight polyester material are perfect for those seeking a simple hammock tarp that’ll do the job.

Kelty Noah ’16 Tarp For Big Jobs

If you’ve got a big job to do, then Kelty Noah will be your best friend.

Specifically when hammock camping, the way light tarps are set up only cover the camper enough to stay dry in their hammock. Larger hammocks like the Kelty Noah are designed to not only keep yourself dry but the surrounding area as well.

best tarp for hammock camping

The great thing about a large tarp is that they are versitle enough to be folded in different ways.

For example, this YouTuber fashioned the Kelty Noah tarp into a “Super Shelter” for hammock camping.

At this price point, it’s hard to find a better quality tarp than the Kelty Noah. You could either choose the 12′ or 16′ tarp, however for suspended hammock camping, bigger is better

The Best Value with the UST Tarp

Lightweight, versatile, and a simple design, the UST tarp gets the job done. This hammock tarp is perfect for unpredictable weather situations. This tarp comes with guy lines and stakes and is easily packaged into the original carrying sleeve for easy use.

best hammock rain tarp

However, the best thing about this hammock tarp is its price. In the 25-30$ price range, this hammock tarp is the most economical option for those new to hammock camping and are just looking for a tarp to get them started. It’s extremely, packs down small, and keeps you dry throughout. This hammock tarp is on the smaller side,  fully laid out it is 84 x 120 inches. Not to be discouraged, this hammock tarp is the best beginner’s option.

Serious Protection with ENO’s Housefly Rain Tarp

And now for the grand finale, Eagle’s Nest Outfitters’ masterfully crafted rain tarp offers a serious level of protection. Coined as a “Waterproof Fortress”, the Housefly is built for hammock camping in any kind of storm.

ENO boasts this tarp as being it’s most protective, offering full coverage with overlapping doors.

best hammock tarp for rain

Made from ripstop nylon, the doors allow for extra coverage from lateral wind, enhancing the whole experience. This tarp is very robust and can take a serious beating. At a higher price point, this is easily the best quality hammock tarp and perfect for those seeking high-quality.

Hammock Tarps All Summed Up

At the end of the day, the best hammock tarp for you is whatever best meets your needs. If you’re an ultra-light backpacker, just looking for a tarp that’s going to keep you dry, then the Bear Butt or UST is the best in class.

Looking for a hammock tarp that’s going to keep you warm, secured, and fully protected all year round? Then Chill Gorilla, Housefly, or Kelty Noah are your best choices.

Rain, Snow, or Shine, we’re sure that one of these hammock tarps will keep you comfortable and dry.