Top 5 Best Camping Hammocks For Your Money In 2018

Get cozy, get comfortable, it’s time to talk about the best camping hammocks.

best camping hammock

Getting comfortable in a hammock might be an impossibility for some, however, seasoned hammock campers know that all it takes is a little bit of planning to get a sleeping setup that’s more comfortable than that mattress and pillow at home.

What factors go into our top 5?

First, it’s quality. If you’re planning to spend the night suspended in the air, you’re going to want to make sure that the place you’re sleeping in isn’t going to weaken easily.

Next, it’s comfort. If you’re going to take on the fun of overnighting in a hammock, then getting to sleep and staying asleep should be your main priority, right?

Without further ado, here are the top 5 best camping hammocks that can easily be purchased on Amazon at the click of a button.

Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Robust yet comfortable, roomy yet lightweight. The ENO DoubleNest is a forerunner in camping hammocks for a reason and a lasting high-quality investment.

best camping hammocks

Strong and breathable nylon taffeta gives the hammock a soft feel but stands the test of time against use. The two-person design supports up to 400 lbs but weights only 19 oz, an ideal choice to throw in a bag and travel light.

The ENO DoubleNest is packaged with ultralight aluminum carabiners and stuffs into an attached compression bag. For a high-strength double hammock with plenty of room to relax and a guarantee to last, the DoubleNest is not an inexpensive option but an excellent choice.

Color options range from dozens of three- and two-tone options, several prints and even a model with LED lighting on the edge.

Wise Owl Outfitters SingleOwl Hammock

If you’re considering swapping the tent for a night’s sleep in a hammock, Wise Owl Outfitters’ SingleOwl set up provides support and comfort in a valuable package.

wise owl camping hammock

The strong yet super-soft material with triple interlocking stitching encourages you to kick back and relax—especially overnight. Made of the same nylon as skydivers’ parachutes, the 9-ft long SingleOwl hammock supports up to 400 lbs and packs down to a 16 oz stuff sack.

Two 8-ft ropes provide flexibility for positioning. As an up-and-coming and reputable brand, Wise Owl Outfitters Single Owl Hammock is a good value for conscious campers.

The DoubleOwl, a two-person variation, incorporates the same look and feel but with an expanded 10-ft long end for additional comfort and space.

Kammok Roo Double

Designed especially with comfort for camping in mind, the Kammok Roo Double stands out as a two-person camping hammock for its longer 10-foot length and higher 500 lb capacity.

kammok camping hammock

A special ripstop fabric technology gives it a water-resistant, ultra-soft and breathable feel ideal for overnight sleeping. For the amount of fabric the Kammok Roo Double packs, it stays lightweight at 22 oz and compresses neatly.

A seam on the outer panel ensures extra comfort on the backs of your legs while lounging over the side. The Kammok Roo Double is a powerful combination of roominess, durability, and lightweight that makes it an ideal choice for serious campers.

Grand Trunk Ultralight

Positioned as the ultimate “starter” hammock, Grand Trunk’s Ultralight Hammock provides ease of use at a price that’s tough to beat.

grand trunk camping hammock

Ideal for campers seeking a lightweight option on a budget or for younger adventurers, the Grand Trunk Ultralight design offers a polyester construction with King Rhombic RipStop technology.

The hammock weights in at 12 oz and is ready to go wherever you go without filling up your pack. This cost-conscious option is an affordable and relaxing addition to the campsite, but with a support capacity of 200 lbs, it’s best suited for single users or kids to relax and enjoy the view.

Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

Winner Outfitters’ best-seller offers a deal on double-camping capabilities.

winner outfitters camping hammock

The 78” wide size and 500 lb support is a roomy alternative to single-size camping hammocks and is made of soft nylon for breathable comfort. The Double Camping Hammock is packaged with its own tree-friendly strap and rope suspension system and carabiners, making it a popular all-in-one purchase backed with quality.

The Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock is not the lightest double hammock but is still easy to travel with, and popular for its simplicity, value and ease of use. For casual hammock users or those looking for a two-person size at a one-person value, it’s an excellent choice and offers versatility for set up.

Best Camping Hammocks Summarized

Whether you’re a seasoned hammock camper or brand new to hammock camping, we think you’ll love these 5 picks. To summarize, these are the 5 best camping hammocks for the money.

  1. Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO DoubleNest Hammock
  2. Wise Owl Outfitters SingleOwl Hammock
  3. Kammok Roo Double
  4. Grand Trunk Ultralight
  5. Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

As a seasoned hammock camping professional knows, a successful night outdoors in a hammock isn’t possible with only a quality camping hammock.

Strong hammock straps, a quality hammock tarp, and sleeping style all contribute to a good nights rest in a hammock.

With all these pieces in place, we believe you’ll love that adventure twice as much.